domingo, 29 de junho de 2008

What color do you have for me?

Elliot: Do you remember our first date? You were so quiet.
Alma: You bought me the mood ring.
Elliot: It turned purple when you wore it.
Alma: Then you said "that means you're in love".
Elliot: Got you to talk, didn't it?
Alma: But then we checked the little paper chart and it turned out that it meant that I was horny. You loved that.
Elliot: I had no idea.
Alma: Yours was blue. Peaceful, right?
Elliot: Right.
Alma: What color was love?
Elliot: I don't remember.
Alma: Me neither.

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maria disse...

com BW@SW acredita que mtas v�o ser as cores que terei pa ti... ;) vai ser a bombar!!! loool